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Hello, is it self love you're looking for?

Curiosity Cues

"I purchased them for my partner and I to explore each other’s intimate thoughts more deeply and we were not disappointed. Definitely sparked our romantic life up again."
Helping you to build stronger connections. Get curious.

50 Card Prompts

Ignite Deeper Conversations

Date night Activity

Designed in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by setting the mood! Block out some time with your partner (we like to this of this as the perfect date night activity), pour yourself a drink and switch on that ambient lighting. From here open up your deck of cards and take turns asking questions. Feel free to both give answers when the question is pulled or take turns answering, so you can revisit the questions and play again at a later date.
Not necessarily! Although the cards have been designed to deepen connections between intimate partners, it's also a great way to feel more comfortable and confident talking with your group of pals. Grab your closest friends and get curious together.
Definitely not - whether you have been with your partner 2 weeks or 10 years it's never too early or too late to start inviting new conversations around intimacy into the relationship.
Yes! The cards are 100% paper with no plastic packaging meaning when they come to the end of their life they are safe to dispose of in your recycling bin.
Not at all - the cards have been designed for multiple plays to create endless conversation. Deep dive on a different topic each time or take turns answering different questions with your partner everytime you play.