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4 Staff Share How & Why They Use a TENS Machine

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Mid shot of two people's midrifts wearing VUSH Wellness Aura TENS machine

What is a TENS machine?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines are little battery-operated devices with electrode pads used for fast pain relief. The TENS unit sends electro currents to the skin when you attach the electrode gel pads to the painful area. This tricks the pain receptors and sends messages to the brain to block pain signals.

When using a TENS machine, it should feel like you’ve flipped an off-switch and pressed ‘pause’ on your pain. Whether it’s endometriosis pain or back pain, a TENS machine can provide some serious relief. A good TENS machine will have a compact and portable design so you can use it on a daily basis and not let chronic pain get in the way of your life. Check out our VUSH Wellness Blog to read the benefits of a TENS machine and find out exactly how to use a TENS machine.



Here’s how and why the VUSH team use Aura: 

1. Adenomyosis & Endometriosis

Steph | Education Content Specialist 

Midshot of Steph wearing yellow scarf top and white pants with TENS machine on lower stomach


"I started using Aura for what I thought was regular period pain — turns out it was adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis (don’t dismiss your pain, people!). I get consistent menstrual pain every month, starting one or two days before my period and finishing up halfway through my period. Aura is the #1 tool in my period survival kit. I place it on my lower stomach and go straight to the scraping/gua sha therapy mode. I also get ovulation pain and love the tapping mode for those random one-sided twinges. Another one of my adeno symptoms is chronic pelvic pain. I find that placing Aura just above my pelvic bone with the cupping or scraping/gua sha mode on helps relax my pelvic floor muscles and reduce tension in the area. More than anything, Aura is super soothing, and reduces my pain enough for me to avoid modifying my work (or social) calendar!"


2. Interstitial Cystitis, Central Sensitisation Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & PCOS

Rachel | Account Manager 

Midshot of Rachel wearing purple hoodie and grey track shorts with TENS machine on lower stomach


"I have been obsessed with Aura since before it launched as I was lucky enough to test it out! I suffer from chronic pain related to Interstitial Cystitis, Central Sensitisation Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and my most recent diagnosis of PCOS. The different therapy modes and levels are key to assisting with my pain everyday as no day is ever quite the same! I wear it under my clothes to pilates, to work, and even on dates as it is completely invisible. While for me it can never completely cure my pain, it’s given me the confidence to continue living my life at a much more comfortable pain level."


3. Miscellaneous Pain

Fiona | Head of Marketing  

Close up of Fiona's leg with TENS machine placed vertically on side of knee


"I have used Aura every night after six days of packing and cleaning in the process of moving house. I felt every muscle I have that I didn't know existed! Aura was a godsend — I used it on my lower back, shoulders, legs, and around the side of my knee (I didn’t even have knee issues until I started moving this weekend!). Having a TENS machine really helped manage the pain and get me straight back into cleaning, moving, packing, and unpacking the next day. Aura should be in everyone's medical kit so it can be on hand for the big tough jobs, like moving, gardening, and cleaning!"


4. Mild Period Pain

Caitlyn | Product Development Manager

Caitlyn wearing green T shirt and blue jeans zipped open to reveal TENS machine on lower stomach


"I have always felt lucky that I have fallen on the mild side of the period pain spectrum when so many others can experience debilitating pain. This isn’t to say that I don’t still have days where I want to be curled over in bed cancelling all plans, but I think us menstruators have always just accepted a certain level of pain and discomfort each month. I prefer to avoid taking painkillers on a regular basis so when I got my hands on Aura I couldn’t believe this tiny little godsent device was able to immediately stop the period pain — finally a natural alternative that gave me instant relief. It might be odd, but I find the gentle buzzing sensation strangely calming, like a million tiny hugs for my uterus. As soon as I feel the mildest of cramps coming on you best believe I am slapping that bad boy on."


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There are plenty of other uses for a TENS machine, including IBSpost-workout sore musclesmenopause and more. Check out our VUSH Wellness Blog to read the benefits of a TENS machine and find out exactly how to use a TENS machine. You can also find articles about periodsthe menstrual cyclemental health, and silent illnesses — we cover all bases when it comes to wellness!


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