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How To Use A TENS Machine On Your Knee

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How To Use A TENS Machine On Your Knee

Are you struggling with knee pain or arthritis and looking for effective relief? Why not use a TENS machine

The VUSH Wellness team have put together a handy how-to guide for using a TENS machine to relieve knee pain. So, why wait? Say goodbye to achy, sore knees and read on below!


What is a TENS unit & how it can help relieve knee pain

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit, or TENS machine, is a device that uses controlled electrical currents to relieve pain in muscles around the body. For those experiencing knee pain, the electrode pads of a TENS machine can be strategically placed on the muscles to alleviate discomfort associated with injury and knee arthritis. A TENS machine puts pain on pause by sending messages to the brain to block pain signals.


What causes knee pain?

Before you start using your TENS machine, it helps to be aware of several causes that may create pain and discomfort in the knees. Here are some common reasons to look out for to help you know how often to use your device and where to place the electro pads.


Perhaps the most common cause of prolonged knee pain is injury from exercise, sports and everyday accidents. This can cause lingering discomfort that can be difficult to manage. Whether you experience torn muscles or damage from heavy impacts, a pain relief solution like a TENS machine can help considerably. 

Wear and tear

At some point, everyone will experience knee pain associated with getting older and the general wear and tear of the muscles and ligaments in the knee. This is unavoidable, but a TENS machine means you do not have to endure the pain and contend with issues like early-onset arthritis.

Muscle strain and overuse

Muscle strain, tension and overuse can often lead to prolonged knee pain. If you are on your feet all day and participate in high-impact activities, then it is likely that you will experience knee pain at some point. Regular use of a TENS machine can help ease this daily pain. 

Sport and occupation

Practically every sport will involve putting a great deal of strain on the knees as they work to support the rest of your body while completing a variety of complex movements. If you do not stretch and take precautionary measures to protect your knees, you will likely experience discomfort or knee pain. Left untreated, this kind of damage can develop into problems like arthritis later in life. Luckily a TENS machine can help address this!

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Where do I place TENS pads for knee pain?

Knowing how to use a TENS machine for knee pain will allow you to experience the benefits of a TENS unit sooner. Here are some suggestions for TENS pad placement to treat knee pain and arthritis. 

Front of the knee

Placing clean electro pads on the front of the knee will help alleviate the pain that you may be experiencing from arthritis or muscle strain. Try to avoid the kneecap by placing the pads above or below it to ensure that the bone does not impede the electrical current. 

Sides of the knee

Positioning TENS machine pads on the sides of the knee is another excellent option for targeting the muscles directly. This encourages muscle stimulation and can promote healing at a cellular level. When using Aura, this works best when the TENS unit is placed vertically.

Back of the knee

If you are experiencing pain or arthritis in the back of your knees, then it is also acceptable to place TENS machine pads here. Again, place the pads along the muscle, avoiding bone, to ease arthritis and knee pain symptoms. As this area can produce excess oil and sweat, ensure the back of the knee is clean and dry first.


How do I use a TENS machine for knee pain?

Now that we have covered where to place TENS machine pads to ease arthritis and pain, it’s time to look at how you can use a TENS unit for optimum results. 

1. Clean electro pads

Keeping the pads of a TENS unit clean is not only hygienic, but it will also help them stick to the skin and carry electrical currents into the muscles more efficiently. If your electro pads are losing stickiness, it may be time to replace them!

2. Place electro pads onto knee pain points

Per the information above, decide where to place TENS pads for your knee pain before applying the electrodes seamlessly to the skin. 

3. Turn the TENS machine on

Turn on your TENS unit, ready to input the required settings to alleviate arthritis and knee pain discomfort. If using Aura, short press the power button to turn the TENS unit on.

4. Set TENS unit intensity and therapy mode

Choose the best intensity level or therapy mode for your needs, as outlined in the TENS unit instructions. Short press the power button on Aura to change the therapy mode. Start with a low-intensity setting and work your way up as needed by using Aura’s (+) and (-) buttons.


How often do I use a TENS machine for knee pain?

We have some good news if you are wondering how often you should use a TENS unit. This safe, user-friendly device can be used as often as you like without any risk of damage. That said, it is generally recommended to use a TENS machine for approximately 20 minutes at a time. Aura works in 20 minute cycles — the end of each cycle is a chance to reflect on how you’re feeling and potentially start a new cycle or try a new therapy mode. Try and take breaks of at least 10 minutes between these sessions.


What are the benefits of using a TENS machine for knee pain often?

Once you know where to place TENS pads for knee pain and use them more often, you are likely to experience many benefits. 

Assists recovery

The electrical currents produced by a TENS unit cause muscles in the knees to contract and expand, increasing circulation, which assists with recovery and improved muscle performance. 

Medication-free pain relief

Whether you are struggling with arthritis, injury-related pain or muscle strain, a TENS unit is a natural, medication-free pain relief that you can use more often. This is the perfect option for those hoping to reduce their need for painkillers and meds.

Reduces swelling

Knowing how often to use a TENS machine and where to place the pads can target inflammation in the muscle and reduce swelling to alleviate knee pain. 


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